The last few nights seriously took my energy level to a new low. Maybe part of that problem is the fact that since I’ve build this depression I’ve been watching Twitch-Streams to sleep in. Bad, bad, baaaad idea. So now i want to get rid of that and instead listen to soothing music when i get to bed. Not that hard, but somehow i don’t want my phone to be responsible for that. And my laptop? Way too loud, too much energy drain, etc.

So what do we do?

Easy peasy, let’s build an AlarmPi – and now that we’re on it: Let’s use it as an alarm as well. And now that we’re on it: Let’s build a mobile App so we can change all the settings. So, in my terrible sleepless idea-digging I figured i need the following things:

  • A playlist with soothing music (YouTube?)
  • A playlist with music to wake up to (YouTube?)
  • The possibility to set volumes, etc.
  • A neat web interface
  • A randomizing-button so we don’t get up to the same shit
  • A mobile app to control the neat web interface
  • Alarm Clocks (more than one?)
  • If more than one alarm: different playlists for different occasions?
  • Maybe some timers on when to start the soothing music and when to stop?

Looks reasonable, eh? So the Raspberry Pi is sitting on my desk, now let me get a few appointments out of the way (math exams, hooray.) and we’re off to go.

I’m still wondering if Go is the right language for that or whether i want to try something new. Suggestions?