Welcome to the trip

Hi, i’m Kristof. I’m 26 years old and i’m going to study. After about 4 years of working in different environments and with various technologies i recently decided that i’m not completely fulfilled by what the economy has to offer me. So i’m passing on the money, on the vacation, on all the luxuries i can afford by working in IT (and yes, i’m actually making some money right now.). Now the usual reader would probably ask:

Why the hell would you want to study? Aren’t you too old?

Of course i won’t be the youngest student, of course i’ll be some kind of “the old guy” there. And why? Because i’m swimming at the surface of the whole IT world, the german training and the german economy (at least positions you’re able to get without a proper education [e.g., B.Sc.]) are not trying to let you go deeper. It’s all about business and fast, enterprisy solutions with a relatively small impact on anything. There might be people that are happy with this, people that like the knowledge they build up in their n years old experience in a small lake of technologic background. I don’t judge them, i just don’t understand them. What i do understand is the fact that they are not interested in technology from a personal, non-professional point of view.

So what do you expect?

My actual goal of the studying/leaving my full-time job behind is to gain knowledge. If there’s one thing i learned from working in the economy it’s that people are way too pleased way too easy. I want to be challenged, i want to go crazy over stuff i don’t understand. My goal is to stop doing stupid things over and over again (which you eventually end up while working) and learn something new every day. Even if it’s not associated to the stuff i want to do later on. I want more free time and support for the things i want to do.

In the end this is the start of a trip. And the goal is somewhere else, it’s not even part of this step. But studying is the beginning, and even the current goal will not be the final goal. If you’re interested in this trip, feel free to comment.


And it’s gone.

I decided to reset my blog due to some changes in my life and some new goals. I will take the next few days to write it all up.