My predictions for Wrestlemania 33

So, to be completely honest, my guilty pleasure is watching pro wrestling – not even kidding. I’d consider myself a smark, but i’m not too involved with the indies, NJWP, RoH (not sure if they still count as indies, since they pretty well known by now) and so on. I started following WWE a year ago i think? So i didn’t know who AJ Styles was when he was one of the surprise entries of last years’ Royal Rumble. As this is Wrestlemania Weekend i’m at least half-pumped for sunday (As well as NXT TakeOver on saturday – SAnitY all the way!). I’m going to make some assumptions that i think will happen on Wrestlemania and tell you which matches i look forward to the most. I’ll be using the official match card from Wikipedia.

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale (Pre-Show)
Phew, after the critical push Corbin received after winning it last year (deservedly, i love this guy to death, his moveset is one of the best heel-movesets in WWE right now [along with the Usos]) – looking at the participants of the Battle Royale it’s quite obvious who’s up for winning it and who’s not. The Usos, Heath Slater/Rhyno and all the other tag teams are pretty much out of the winning game. The obvious choice would be Braun Strowman, but i think he was booked too fucking strong since the brand split, Big Show is too old to receive this push, but he arrived at the mid-card in the last months (but i have no idea why.) – So i HOPE, i just HOPE that Sami Zayn finally gets the push he deserves since his uprising from NXT.

Neville vs. Austin Aries (Pre-Show)
I never thought i’d be, but i’m really looking forward for the 205 Live match, Neville really made something out of the Cruiserweight Division and even though i didn’t know Austin Aries before, the buildup for this match – despite being short – was powerful. Austin started playing in the TV-Game just some time ago (or did I miss something?) – so i don’t think he’ll win this time. So i predict that Neville will stay champion.

Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton
First thought: What? Is this the official running order? The match for the WWE Championship is the first match of the night (excluding the Pre Show)? Are you fucking kidding me? Well nevermind. The buildup for this was something between freakingly awesome (The Harper/Orton angle was really good) and clichee (The house burning and the whole “i’m stronger than ever” sucked imo, felt too forced) – i still don’t get why Bray had to struggle against Harper after receiving “the powers of Abigail” – he could’ve been booked way creepier and stronger. Orton looks good – and since this is Wrestlemania and somehow the creatives of WWE don’t want to see Wyatt as a champion for too long i’m going to say that Randy Orton will win (and i don’t like that), maybe even with the help of Harper – and Bray will turn face as an outcome. Even though he’s been over with the fans as a heel. If they want to make Bray as strong as he should be, he’ll remain champion, but some thing only work in my head i suppose.

Goldberg (c) vs. Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman)
I have no words for this shit – they will both disappear shorty after WM. I don’t get why two part-timers would’ve the chance to go to the biggest stage of them all, with Goldberg having a couple of squash-matches since his return. This match will either be another 10-second win for Goldberg (this time the time slot is pretty good since this could turn out as a real match in the end!) or Brock will finally have his “revenge”. But this match is most likely the least important this night, the winner will eventually lose it the next night and never turn up again. Making Kevin Owens a two-time champion as an outcome, and i’m done – but this match will be a sleeper and i couldn’t care less about the shitty builtup and two part-timers battling for the “most important title in WWE”. Brock will win – otherwise his win against the Undertaker at WM30 would be even more freaking meaningless.

The Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns
Sigh. Some things never change, and WWE will never stop shoving old stars in our throats at WM. Not that i don’t like the Undertaker (or Goldberg, Brock, Triple H or Shane) – but this match will be used to make Roman “look strong” – hurrdurr. They should let the Undertaker win, just to make the fans happy. At least this one time.

Seth Rollins vs. Triple H
Oh yes! I’m looking forward to THIS. Seth is one of the best out there (in my opinion) and the story they told was pretty good (at least Seths side) – Haitch and Steph were just the usual pseudo dark force (“You right, Triple H is scared – he’s scared that his dark side will burst out again.”). But Seths appearance at NXT TakeOver was awesome, they did some good things. I really want Seth to win this – and depending on the fitness level Hunter is at this match could be something awesome (I mean, Seths been using the Pedigree ever since and said that he’ll use it until he hits Hunter with it. Which means we could see a new finisher?)

Shane McMahon vs. AJ Styles
I have no idea why they did this, why Shane is at another WM – and then having a match with the best WWE has right now. Why isn’t AJ in the title picture? Why oh why? Well, he deserves to be at WrestleMania – but i don’t think this match is good for AJs standing, he will win this, obviously – but he should be given another shot at a title – and please, PLEASE no face turn for AJ. Smackdown works so good with the face GMs. And AJ is a great heel.

Bayley (c) vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks vs. Nia Jax
This match will a) be full of missed or botched spots (Hey, it’s Charlotte and Sasha) and some “let’s do the big girl first” – It will last a good 15 minutes, while at least 7 of them Nia will either be attacked by the other three – or will dominate everything. She will win in the end, because of how strong she was booked the last months.

Chris Jericho (c) vs. Kevin Owens
Thank god this friendship thing is done, i think i was the only one who didn’t like it too much. For most of the matches i think the one I want to win will win, but here Chris Jericho is going to win – the most interesting thing is: What will happen to Owens after WM?

John Cena and Nikki Bella vs. The Miz and Maryse
Holy Shit, this feud is pure gold from Miz’s and Maryses part, the Total Bellas Bullshit stuff was ridiculously funny, i still rewatch them regularly. Apart from Nikki sometimes talking everything about this is perfect. Yes, Cena will win and then propose to Nikki, i think we’re all on the same page here. I just want this match to be good and as intense as the feud was all together. This could turn out to be one of the better matches that night.

Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Baron Corbin
Here we go, i’m a huge Big Breakfast Baron Corbin mark, apart from his mic-work (even the pre-recorded stuff is not the best, sadly) he’s perfect in-ring. His signature and finisher are the best moves and fit so perfectly to his character, he deserved the push after working Kalisto for way too long. Ambrose being a bit a stall recently makes me wonder if there’s really a chance for Corbin to win this match. At least i hope so, but i’m happy as long Dean receives an End of Days.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson (c) vs. Enzo Amore and Big Cass vs. Cesaro and Sheamus
Meh. Enzo and Cass have been underwhelming after receiving such a huge pop for their debut, they’ve been strong, they’ve been dull, their matches are so predictable (Cass starting, tagging Enzo in, Enzo getting shit on, Enzo jumping for the hot hat, Cass doing some cleaning and then Enzo finishing the match with their finisher.) – they’re so out of this. Gallows and Anderson have been awesome after their funny-guys-gimmick and Cesaro and Sheamus had a good run lately (also loving their fluent friendship going from “i hate you” to “i love you” and back in a split second, they’re really fun to watch right now, especially because they’re good performers as well.) – so i’m going with Cesaro and Sheamus here.

Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Becky Lynch vs. Natalya vs. Mickie James vs. Carmella (with James Ellsworth) vs. Naomi
Becky. It has to be Becky. Everyone loves Becky, i love Becky. Becky should win. Let’s go Becky.

PI3 (Haskell) at University of Bremen

So, it happened, today i passed the final test of the functional programming class here at University of Bremen. We learned about the fundamentals of functional programming and why it matters, the language of “choice” was Haskell. This post is some kind of information for students who are about to select this module and are wondering how deep they have to dive to pass it.

First things first: Just like PI1+2 it’s rather easy, you don’t have to know everything you learned in the lectures, after passing the exercises throughout the semester you just have to solve a simple, intermediate or hard programming task. Usually you’ve got a list of former exercises (in simpler form, so YOUR exam will be one of the examples plus either some minor modification or some stuff on top of it.). If you’re up for a module-wide exam you’ll have to learn some theoretical stuff about functional programming in general as well as Haskell-specific things, too (That means you didn’t pass the weekly tests over the semester) – So in case you’re wondering whether to learn those things: You should (for your own sake!), but you don’t need to. I took the intermediate task and i had to write a function similar to “indexesOf” – so the signature was indexesOf :: Int -> [Int] -> Int, not even Polymorphismic. That’s the thing you can expect when taking the intermediate task. The two guys i had the exam with chose the simple ones and had to split a list of Integers in half and invert the latter one. After finishing i was able to take a look at the hard tasks and they were really for people who are keen to have 95+% in the course. You had to deal with algebraic types and both types of Polymorphism at a higher level. They are actually doable, but it wouldn’t be enough to just write some simple code when learning for the exam. I’ll put some of the exercises I used to learn for the exam in here tomorrow, after adding a good syntax-highlighting plugin to this WordPress thingy.

At last one thing i can assure you: Functional programming is far more interesting than you might think in the beginning (If you’re coming from the OOP world or never coded before PI1 or PI2, this is some mind blowing stuff, suddenly you get things you always thought were obligatory.) and i will definitely either keep Haskell in my bag or try Elixir whenever i’m free for personal projects.

Let’s talk a bit about memory management

So after almost finishing my class on operating systems and memory management (at the easy and superficial stuff) i’ve always wondered how one can put all the theorems in a touchable context, and right after i went into the bathtub it hit me.

I’m not talking about memory management methods right now, just if you have no idea about it, think of all the methods you COULD use to fill an array or slice (talking golang now) with other arrays or slices.

The thought is rather easy, let’s say you have an empty slice with len(s) = 32 and you need to fill it with an amount of other slices that are filled with whatever, some random data. The first iteration of data would be pretty straight forward, just putting them at the first free position (concerning it doesn’t exceed the length of the array, in this case 32) – otherwise it should either be rejected or enqueued. Now the fun part begins when you delete random slices from within the slices (e.g., s[0..7] and s[11..14]) and then try to put new data in there.

Now if you’ve got two slices enqeued with len(q[0]) = 4 and len(q[1]) = 8. In case you just put the data in the first fitting (Hint: That’s a keyword) place, there’s no more room for q[1].

This is easily adaptable without even having to get on a lower level of memory management on the OS abstraction level. You can play with this idea – if you’ve got sample implementations of this “problem” (I wouldn’t call it problems, but make of it whatever you want), hit me up so i can link them here 🙂

UPDATE: I did some untested stuff in a go playground, you can play with it.


The last few nights seriously took my energy level to a new low. Maybe part of that problem is the fact that since I’ve build this depression I’ve been watching Twitch-Streams to sleep in. Bad, bad, baaaad idea. So now i want to get rid of that and instead listen to soothing music when i get to bed. Not that hard, but somehow i don’t want my phone to be responsible for that. And my laptop? Way too loud, too much energy drain, etc.

So what do we do?

Easy peasy, let’s build an AlarmPi – and now that we’re on it: Let’s use it as an alarm as well. And now that we’re on it: Let’s build a mobile App so we can change all the settings. So, in my terrible sleepless idea-digging I figured i need the following things:

  • A playlist with soothing music (YouTube?)
  • A playlist with music to wake up to (YouTube?)
  • The possibility to set volumes, etc.
  • A neat web interface
  • A randomizing-button so we don’t get up to the same shit
  • A mobile app to control the neat web interface
  • Alarm Clocks (more than one?)
  • If more than one alarm: different playlists for different occasions?
  • Maybe some timers on when to start the soothing music and when to stop?

Looks reasonable, eh? So the Raspberry Pi is sitting on my desk, now let me get a few appointments out of the way (math exams, hooray.) and we’re off to go.

I’m still wondering if Go is the right language for that or whether i want to try something new. Suggestions?

Escape Artists

I balance myself high up on a wire that i spun over the life that I just recently figured was full of fear. Desperately trying to hold onto the little breaths i keep inside my lungs while i took a stroll into the night everyone told me to become a part of.


Well, I am made of about 6 litres of blood, some bones, flesh and a brain, that keeps fighting with this heart that‘s still beating too fast for all the wrong reasons. My daily dosis of anti-depressants is high enough to keep my self-loathing in a cage, but too low to let me put a straight smile up on my face. My past keeps revisiting my thoughts, so my future becomes an unstable construct of high hopes and even higher falls. I am 50 percent self-proclaimed fear, 30 percent a „helpful friend“ and the rest of the time i keep telling myself that i‘m not good enough for anything or anyone.

But i‘m not alone in this, we are am army of escape artists in this world, yet we remain silent so no one blows our covers. We are black sheep, overseen by society, we keep our doors closed and our porcelain hearts locked in our chests. So even if you get to take a glimpse at it, it‘s just a matter of time until you realize that knowing us is a mistake.

Because we’re trapped inside this mindset that keeps us from staying somewhere for too long. So give us love and affections and we tell cupid to shut up and stop wasting his arrows on something we are not ready for, never were, and probably never will. We put on armors of past mistakes as if we need reasons to hide ourselves.

We compose thank you letters to past relationships in our nicest handwriting, thanking you for the time spent, for the countless hours you were just standing there, watching us fall apart – almost sacrificing the wholeness of our hearts. With golden and meaningful messages that read like loveletters from opur greatest fears. We would write that we tried to hold our little breaths, but we couldn’t – we were choking. There was no music, no talking, there was nothing to breathe anymore. And just now i remember all these moments where there was nothing but my voice and you. And i scarcely remember the outline of your head, your face has become blurry and i can’t quite make out what your voice sounded like.

But then my phone rang – it was you – and then i remembered, because your breathing is easily distinguishable from all the other noises these ears have ever heard, as i used to listen to it for way too many silent hours where we didn‘t speak a word. Just this call, where I grasped the few words i wish i would have heard of you.

„I miss you, please don‘t leave me, promise you won‘t leave me.“

But you never said them, so i never heard them. And then i woke up – not from a dream. No – i woke up from reality – but i couldn‘t cry for the sake of it. If there was ever a tear coming out of these eyes, i will dedicate them to you. They will carry your name. For as I am going to remember each and every minute we spent. Each one of them in vain.

And yes, I would‘ve said that I really really do miss you, too. I miss the feeling of being around you, i miss each and every broken thought that rooted in any of your words. And I miss feeling exchangable, i miss that i cared too much, i even miss being the fucked up wreck i was.Because after you, i just wasn‘t able to miss anything anymore.

But even if we would meet again: I know, I just know, know know that i would giggle like the little boy i always was when our eyes met. I‘d stutter in the tiniest of notes, in my most fragile tones, like you‘re the vacuum that sucks any confidence that left out of me. And i wonder if this ever ends, and i bend myself backwards thinking i don‘t think about you that much anymore. And I tell myself that i don‘t need you, i don‘t need you, don‘t need you, need you, need you.

But I do need you. I need you to tell me that there was never anything worth fighting for. I need you to tell me that it’s not my fault and that I actually was good enough THIS time. But most importantyl I need you to get a grip and finally leave me alone.

Because i may be an escape artist, i’m probably pretty good at being that. But i failed escaping you.